Our Story

We believe that creativity is truth, & we live to experience music and art. We've created a technology that empowers artists to make a living doing what they love (whether your art is organizing events, making music, interpretive dance or interactive art). We believe in a world where creative expression is as important as health & well-being. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for people to come together to create and experience.

Working on Solstice is living our dream. We'd love to work together, and help you live your dream as well. Contact us at info (at) onesolstice.com.

For inquires about the technology, sponsorship, or anything else, please shoot us an email at info@onesolstice.com or give us a call at (512) 270-1564

Keep creating.

  • Matt Ford - CEO
    Matt Ford CEO
  • Michael Fenchel - CPO, PRESIDENT
    Michael Fenchel PRESIDENT
  • Mike Schuette - Lead Developer
    Mike Schuette Lead Developer
  • Adrian Tavares - CTO Solstice Live
    Adrian Tavares CTO Solstice Live
  • Michael Henderson - Austin Director
    Michael Henderson Austin Director
  • Luis Zepata - Production
    Luis Zepata Production
  • Moyo Oyelola - Design
    Moyo Oyelola Design
  • Lauren Bruno - Artist Relations
    Lauren Bruno Artist Relations